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Welcome To Swiftlife


Swiftlife is a Boutique Insurance Services intermediary founded in 1993 with the aim of providing bespoke and superior services to its clients.

Our founder realized that anyone can sell insurance but true value is delivered to the client after the sale of the policy. It is in this niche segment that we have cut our teeth over two decades and have grown by keeping our promise to our clients to "stick out our neck" for them

We keep a tight ship and have deliberately maintained a small core team of highly skilled, competent and knowledgeable individuals.

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Physical Address: Consolidated Bank House, 4th Floor, 23 Koinange Street, CBD Nairobi. Postal Address: P.O.Box 14898-00100 Nairobi , Fax No: 2219773 ,
Tel: 2210247/2245081/2221186,  Mobile: 0721-379066/0733-834270 , Email: insure@swiftlife.co.ke